IN PICTURES: School pupils battle it out at Vertish Hill sports

'In a spin' at Vertish Hill sports.'In a spin' at Vertish Hill sports.
'In a spin' at Vertish Hill sports.
Competitors in hotly-contested heats enjoyed near-perfect conditions for the 137th Vertish Hill sports in Hawick.

The annual primary schools’ festival took place amid warm temperatures on Saturday.

Teries of all ages came together in the traditional walk from Dovecote Street, played along by the Saxhorn Band - who provided the music at the first sports event in 1881 - the Drums and Fifes and the Scout Fellowship Band.

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Led by Cornet Gareth Renwick, over 267 children paraded to the top of Vertish Hill.

As ever, the Sports were hotly contested, with Drumlanrig and Trinity tying for champion school.

Sophie Swan of Trinity was champion girl, while Filip Kibicki of Drumlanrig came out top boy after an excitingly close competition with Trinity’s Conner McLeod.

The two were tied coming into the last race, the hurdles, but, in the outside lane, the taller Kubicki got to the bend first and held McLeod off on the line to take the honours.

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Festival president Frank Scott said the only disappointment was that, with the parade down 50 on last year, there must be hundreds of youngsters missing out.

But he added: “The sports were well attended and the children, once again, were a credit to their parents, they were well behaved and polite.

“Huge thank you to all our sponsors, the parents, children and everyone who helps on the day.”


Champion Boy - Filip Kubicki (D)

Champion Girl - Sophie Swan (T)

Champion School - Drumlanrig and Trinity tie

Boys age 5

1. Ivan Watsion (D), 2 Parker Johnstone (D), 3 Calan Pender-Mills (D)

Girls age 5

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1. Gracie Dalgleish (W), 2 Bonnie Scott (S), 3 Eva Murray (D)

Boys age 6

1. Cullen Sutherland (D), 2 Greg Watson (T), 3 Conor Young (W)

Girls age 6

1. Chloe McLeod (T) 2, Ellie Cowan (D) 3, Alex Armstrong (T)

Boys age 7

1. Cole Davidson (D) 2. Faris Alkhoury (D) 3. Callum Stevenson (D)

Girls age 7

1. Ava Stewart (W) 2, Ellie Young (W) 3. Cindy Wei (D)

Boys age 8

1. Oliver Fenech (W) 2. Koby Wilson (D) 3. Toby Russell (D)

Girls age 8

1. Tess Carmichael (D) 2. Olivia Ross (D) 3. Megan Hume (D)

Boys age 9

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1. Charlie Playford (S) 2. Rudi Drabner-Graham (T) 3. Jaiden Donaldson (B)

Girls age 9

1. Carra McLeod (T) 2. Emma Philbin (W) 3. Gracie Telfer (D)

Boys age 10

1. Connor McLeod (T) 2. Louis Bonini (T) 3. Harry Wear (T)

Girls age 10

1. Carla Bonini (T) 2. Allie Carmichael (D) 3. Chloe Inglis (D)

Boys age 11

1. Filip Kubicki (D) 2. Jardine Vevers (B) 3. Ryan Cox (W)

Girls age 11

1. Sophie Swan (T) 2. Erin Landles (D) 3. Beka Wilson (D)

Boys age 12

1. Riley Muir (S) 2. Joseph Wear (T) 3. Brian Murray-Threipland (D)

Girls age 12

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1. Lana Stanger (W) 2. Sophie Shields (W) 3.Stroma Beukes (W)

Boys Relay Race

1. Drumlanrig 2. Stirches 3. Trinity

Girls Relay Race

1, Wilton 2. Trinity 3.Drumlanrig

Obstacle Race under 9

1. Toby Russell (D) 2. Leroy Whiteley (B) 3. Faris Alkhoury (D)

Obstacle Race 9-12

1. Connor McLeod (T) 2. Harris Common (D) 3. Jack Brown (D)

Sack Race

1. Filip Kubicki (D) 2. Riley Muir (S) 3. Jack Brown (D)

Egg and Spoon Race

1. Lexie Keown (D) 2. Chloe Patterson (T) 3. Lucy Swan (T)

Hurdle race under 9

1. Jaiden Donaldson (B) 2. Faris Alkhoury (D) 3. Hudson McLeod (W)

Hurdle Race 9-12

1. Filip Kubicki (D) 2. Connor McLeod (T) 3. Lana Stanger (W)

Skipping Race

1. Sophie Swan (T) 2. Erin Landles (D) 3. Iona Douglas (D)

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