In pictures: Dandie Dinmont Derby in Selkirk

Warm bath required for this dogged competitor.Warm bath required for this dogged competitor.
Warm bath required for this dogged competitor.
More than 70 Dandie Dinmonts and their owners pranced into town on Saturday for their annual derby day at the Haining.

While the weather was kind to other events in the town, it wasn’t quite so nice to the wee dogs as rain in monsoon proportions fell as the various races were about to start.

But, being the dogs they are, it was a bit like water off a duck’s back.

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Organiser Paul Keevil said: “We’re a tough old lot, us Dandie owners, but then, seeing as the breed comes from the Borders, the dogs cope well with the rain.

“As for the races, the winners are never traditionally announced as it is more of a social gathering than a competitive event. The taking part is really more important.

“It is now firmly fixed as the breed’s social event of the year, and this year we had more Dandies than were at Crufts. I know that because I was the judge for the breed at Crufts this year.”

This was the fourth time the derby has been run at the Haining in Selkirk, said to be the birthplace of the breed, and this year it was on the same day as the Epsom Derby.

“More than 100 visitors came from as far as Sweeden and Holland just for the event,” said Paul.

All money raised from the event was donated to the Haining Charitable Trust.

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