Hawick park could still host summer concert programme

Elliot Bandstand, Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick.Elliot Bandstand, Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick.
Elliot Bandstand, Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick.
Hopes have been raised that a series of musical events will take place in Hawick’s Wilton Lodge Park this summer after all.

Hawick Community Council heard last week that neither Scottish Borders Council nor Live Borders would run a programme of events this year, and had asked the community council to take the project on.

Cameron Knox told members they had been asked to arrange a programme of eight bandstand concerts, including running a PA system, arranging chairs and making sure health and safety requirements were met.

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“We will have to decide quickly if we are to take this on,” he said.

Newly-elected vice chair Graham Marshall, one of seven new members appointed to the community council following last month’s by-election, said they did not have enough information to make a decision.

Hawick and Hermitage councillor George Turnbull said he would arrange a meeting between the council, Live Borders and the community council.

However, Live Borders has this week confirmed that it is looking into staging a programme of events.

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Managed services director Lynne Irons said that although the heritage lottery funded park project run by the council was now complete, Live Borders would continue gardening and volunteer work there.

“Our creative communities team are looking into developing a programme of events, with further information to be confirmed at a later date,” she added.