Hands off Wullie ... he's oors!

Drivers now have something to smile about as they navigate the roundabout at Tweedbank, which has once again been livened up for Christmas by local man Stewart Bell.

A larger-than-life cut out of Sunday Post character Oor Wullie sits on his trademark pail on the roundabout, as scenes of other cartoon legends, such as Winnie the Pooh and The Snowman are dotted around the area.

The keen Rotarian has been putting up decorations at the roundabout for 10 years, but keeping it up has been a bit of a leap of faith as they have been stolen or vandalised in the past, although he says he has taken some precautions this time around.

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Stewart said: “Over the years, quite a few have been stolen, never to be returned.

“That’s why most of them are screwed to the fence posts.

“They all have “Stolen from Tweedbank roundabout” written all over them in an attempt to stop would-be thieves.”

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