Food bank open day in the royal burgh

St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Selkirk’s High Street will be hosting a food bank open day on Friday, April 5.

The event is targeted at helping people who are possibly struggling to feed themselves and their families find out how they can become a beneficiary of the service, as well as hopefully recruiting potential volunteers.

Churches Together in Selkirk and the valleys have been running the service for over eight years, but are looking to help out more people if they can.

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Organiser Peter Birney told The Southern: “The open day is really to help people understand how they can either benefit from the food bank or perhaps help out in some way.

“For instance, a lot of people think the only people who use food banks are unemployed or on benefits ... that’s simply not true.

“We can help out people who are temporarily out of work, or are simply struggling to feed themselves and their families after paying all their bills.

“If people are in such a situation, then they should talk to someone such as their doctor or social worker who can then refer them to us.

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“We normally try to get a food parcel out to the client on the same day as they are referred.

“Another reason for the open day is to let people know how they can help out.

“When we started out, it was a case of charitable Christians helping out others in need.

“It has grown so much from then, with shops such as the Co-op and Sainsbury’s in the town providing drop boxes.

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“One of the call centres in the town is also helping by raising money for the service.

“Many people think we are just all about food donations, but we also have to buy fresh milk and bread etc, on the same day as we deliver, so we do need cash as well.”

To find out how you can help, or how you can apply for a delivery, go along to the open day at the Catholic Church Hall, High St, Selkirk, between 10am-2pm.