Finlay captures the hearts of millions

A young lad from Galashiels is currently showing the world how to appreciate a gift or two.

Despite being online for less than a week, three-year-old Finlay Sutherland’s birthday morning tears have been watched more than seven million times on social media – and it’s still growing.

Finlay’s dad Des Sutherland, a local amateur footballer and roofing contractor, told us: “It’s went a bit mad, with over seven million views online.

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“We were very surprised how quickly it went viral, but that’s how he really is. He’s quite the gentleman.”

In the video, filmed by mum Lauren Strafford at their home in Melrose Gait, wee Finlay is seen tottering into the livingroom only to be completely bowled over by the presents awaiting his attention.

He can be heard saying: “I can’t believe it. No way. No way there’s lots of presents.”

Finlay is seen wiping away a tear before apologising for crying. He then asks if he can open his presents.

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It was just another family video shared with his parents’ friends and followers, but it has since gone viral after it was shared by social groups such as the LadBible and Unilad, as well as catching the eye of Geordie Shore actress Charlotte Crosby, who beamed it to her 3.12 million followers.

Finlay has been applauded for his excellent manners in the form of online comments.

Ralph Wilson wrote: “Superb. Brings a tear to your eyes seeing such excitement from the wee man.”

And Linda Godsell said: “Aw bless, too cute.”