Portaloo vandalism raises a stink in a Peebles park

Overturned temporary toilets causing inconvenience in Victoria Park.
Victoria ParkVictoria Park
Victoria Park

A stink has been raised over portaloo vandalism in a Peebles park.

Members of Peebles Common Good Fund Sub-Committee this week had a debate over future arrangements for the removal of portaloos in the town’s Victoria Park.

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It follows incidents over the summer in which vandals overturned the portable toilets after events staged in the park had ended.

Members considered what action could be taken to enable portaloos to be removed more promptly.

Chair Councillor Robin Tatler said: “We have had a couple of incidents over the summer where there have been events in the park and they have had temporary portaloos. Unfortunately, those portaloos have not been removed quickly enough and they have been knocked over by people and that’s caused quite a bit of inconvenience and pollution as well.

“We need to write to anyone that has an event to remind them that they need to remove these portaloos as soon as these events are completed, I think.”

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Councillor Julie Pirone called for a request for prompt removal to be added to the lease given to event organisers.

She added: “There might be some questions around an event late at night and can they be taken away at night or is it first thing in the morning. My preference is for it to be as soon as the event finishes but that might not be possible practically.

“This is not the first place where we have had issues with these toilets so we need to make sure that it is understood by those applying for the lease that this is what they have to commit to.”

Members were advised that it could be possible to charge organisers for removal of the toilets if they fail to do so themselves.

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Councillor Tatler added: “It is definitely an issue which has caused distress and additional work for our officers who have had to respond and there’s obviously a cost implication too.”

Members are to seek advice from council officers before making an “informed decision” on the matter.

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