Drama revives a forgotten Berwickshire heroine

SBBN WIlson's Tales Grizzell CochraneSBBN WIlson's Tales Grizzell Cochrane
SBBN WIlson's Tales Grizzell Cochrane
A series of readings and retellings of local tales will take on a Berwickshire focus this month.

The enthusiasts of the Wilson’s Tales Project have been reacquainting the public with these stories of the Borders, collected by John Mackay Wilson, editor of our sister paper the Berwick Advertiser, in the early 19th century.

Andrew Ayre of the project said: “We have been out looking for the traces of The Tales amongst us still. We have pictures of the memorial to the remarkable heroine of The Tale of Tweedmouth Muir, Grizzell Cochrane, which can be found in Legerwood Church near Greenlaw.”

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The story of Grizzell will be one of three dramatised at a show in the Watchtower, Berwick, on Sunday March 27.

Her story will be presented as a radio-style play on film, based on the Belford Players’ retelling of her exploits.

Film maker David Martin commented on his progress this week: “It is proving to be a really interesting project to work on, particularly with the challenge of adapting one of the tales to a different and shortened format.”

He added that “The story of Grizzell Cochrane,” which features a daughter trying to save her father from the gallows, “is one of adventure and courage which makes it ever more remarkable that it is based on true events.”

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The event also features Kate Kenedy, described as “a Borders Romeo and Juliet” and a reimagining of the tale of The Guidewife of Coldingham, set at Fast Castle, performed by Northumbria University students.

Tickets are £8, from the Maltings, Berwick.