Dangerous parking near Hawick park driving residents around the bend

Thoughtless drivers are creating hazards for fellow motorists on a busy road in Hawick.

Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 4:56 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 5:02 pm
Councillors Clair Ramage, Neil Richards and Stuart Marshall at the corner of Wilton Park Road and Park View in Hawick.

There have been issues with inconsiderate and dangerous parking on Wilton Park Road for some time, but it was hoped the creation of new parking spaces at Volunteer Park in Buccleuch Road, a short walk away over the McLaren Bridge, would see the issue disappear.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case, and some residents are still being forced to drive on the pavement to avoid parked cars.

It’s a problem now being addressed by Hawick and Denholm councillors Clair Ramage and Stuart Marshall, with the introduction of double-yellow lines being one possible solution.

That’s not an option favoured by Mr Marshall, and he wants council chiefs to look into the possibility of creating a new car park there.

He said: “The issue of parking on this stretch of road has been a very long-standing one indeed, and for me personally I don’t think painting the entire length of this road with double-yellow lines is the answer.

“If we are to encourage our youngsters to enjoy the new play park and cafe, as well as allowing them to participate in the many sporting activities on the nearby pitches, then I’m afraid the last thing we want to be doing is slap parking tickets on the windscreens of those parents who are supporting and encouraging their youngsters.

“I strongly feel that we, as councillors, should be sitting down with officials from Scottish Borders Council and asking them to explore the possibility of freeing up some grass space in order to create a proper, fit-for-purpose car park.

“Of course, one may also argue that painting double yellow lines is complete waste of time and money these days, especially if there is no one available to actually enforce them.”

Ms Ramage said: “As the new car park, destination park and cafe were being completed, cars would be parked on the bend at Wilton Park Road and even parked on the corner of Park View.

“This made the area quite dangerous for residents driving out of Park View and onto Wilton Park Road.

“The bend on Wilton Park Road has become so hazardous because of this issue. Indeed, some drivers, to avoid parked cars and oncoming traffic, have had to resort to driving on the pavement.

“There are many car drivers who use this road as a through road to Roberton, the sports fields or even onto the A7.

“Paths do lead down from this area to the park below, but the area is more suited to dog walkers than parked cars.

“The problem is very obvious at weekends and holidays.

“As a council, we will be looking at how this problem might be addressed in the interests of road safety and quality of life for those residents in the immediate area.”