Customers' anger over TSB problems

Many Borders customers of the TSB were still unable to access their accounts online yesterday (Wednesday) despite its chief executive Paul Pester claiming systems were 'up and running' as the bank's IT problems continued.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 2:43 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 2:45 pm

Planned work to upgrade the systems on Friday was botched and, as we went to press yesterday, its customers were becoming increasingly angry as faults continued.

Customers who logged into the app or online banking were either faced with a screen stating that the bank was limiting the number of users accessing the service, or simply that something had gone wrong.

Others were able to log in, but, when they did, some or all of their account details had vanished or, worse, they had worrying discrepancies in their accounts.

On our Facebook page, we asked readers how they were faring and several told us of the problems they had encountered. All but one who replied said something was wrong.

For instance, Andrew Poole said: “Logged in on Monday morning to find a £10,000 loan sitting there which I didn’t apply for, didn’t want, haven’t had the money for and won’t be paying back”, to which Chris Page replied: “Unlucky, when I logged into mine, my mortgage, which I have 20 years left to pay, has disappeared.”

Kelly Mitchell said: “Been awful, both me and my husband with TSB they deleted all his direct debits which means they’ve not been paid and I still have no access to internet banking. We both work away from home and heavily rely on internet banking. Calling the call centre leads to hours of waiting for someone to answer. Not good enough.”

However, Greg Borthwick wrote: “Never had a problem. They warned us weeks ago works were happening and then every time I logged in last week I got a message saying that work would be getting carried out and to avoid any issues with payments I should check when things were due.”