Woman admonished after cleaning up act

A 40-year-old woman who committed a series of offences in Hawick prior to Covid-19 lockdown has been admonished at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

By Court Reporter
Friday, 28th August 2020, 10:44 am
Updated Friday, 28th August 2020, 10:46 am
McLaren Court in Burnfoot, Hawick.
McLaren Court in Burnfoot, Hawick.

Lee Greens of McLaren Court, pleaded guilty to charges ranging from child assault, obstructing police, threatening or abusive behaviour, theft and fraud.

Fiona Hamilton, prosecuting, explained how the first incident happened last year when police officers were called to the home she shares with husband Richard Greens who was about to be arrested.

The fiscal said:”The accused became hysterical and wanted police to leave. An ambulance was requested due to concerns about her behaviour and it was suspected she was under the influence of a substance.

“Officers informed the accused she was being arrested in connection with another matter and she became aggressive and started struggling violently.

“Additional officers had to attend to assist in the removing of the accused and she continued shouting and screaming.”

Ms Hamilton said Greens continued to be abusive as she was escorted to Hawick Police Station.

Turning to the events of October 19 last year, Greens’ son informed his parents he no longer wanted to live with them.

Around 3pm, Lee Greens asked him to return to the house but he refused.

This resulted in Greens leaving her property and approaching her son’s girlfriend and mother who were taking a child home from school.

Greens confronted the girlfriend to ask why her son was not coming home and then grabbed hold of her by the chin and cheek tightly by the left hand and said she did not care it was hurting.

In another incident Greens confronted two 16-year-old boys about a photograph on social media and “threatened to batter” one of them during the confrontation.

Police were contacted and when Greens was cautioned and charged she replied:”I am sorry.”

In January 2019, police were again called to the house in McLaren Court and Greens became aggressive towards police officers .

She pushed past one constable and made threats towards him as officers tried to put handcuffs on her.

Greens continued her tirade of abuse and then claimed she was disabled and officers had assaulted her.

Ms Hamilton then described how a taxi driver had a leather purse in her pocket when she received a call to pick up Greens as part of her employment and take her to a pharmacy.

When they returned to Greens’ home the taxi driver saw the purse lying in the footwell of the car and when not realising it was her own asked Green if it was hers.

Greens said it was and took the purse.

Later on the taxi driver realised her mistake, but could not get hold of Greens.

Meanwhile, Greens had gone to McColls in Hawick and used the driver’s bank card on three occasions to buy groceries and cigarettes to the value of £72.39.

Sentence had been deferred on two occasions for good behaviour due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said Greens’ lifestyle was “chaotic” when she was committing the offences as she was in the process of dealing with a long standing drug problem.

He said the court would have been surprised by her progress and there had been no further offending and she was stable although physically she was in bad shape due to her disability.

Mr Patrick said:”She has taken the opportunity to demonstrate to the court she can be of good behaviour.”

Sheriff Adrian Cottam said steps had been taken to deal with her offending during lockdown when she had been under supervision.

He added he was admonishing her on both complaints containing the various charges but warned her it would not be the same if there was any further offending.