Vandalism in the Scottish Borders will cost 'thousands of pounds' to repair

Council leader Euan JardineCouncil leader Euan Jardine
Council leader Euan Jardine
Hooligans are wreaking havoc across the Scottish Borders vandalising play parks and public toilets, it has emerged.

​​Scottish Borders Council says vandalism continues to be a major problem with a recent upsurge in ‘serious damage’ to equipment and facilities which will cost thousands to repair.

Recent examples across local communities include sinks being smashed and tiles pulled off the walls at Jedburgh Tourist Information Centre public toilets, damage to play park equipment in Jedburgh and various acts of vandalism at Shedden Park in Kelso.

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Vandalism to memorial benches near the bandstand in Jedburgh has also been recorded.

As a result of the damage inflicted, the local authority will need to source thousands of pounds of additional money to replace and repair the property.

Councillor Euan Jardine, Leader of Scottish Borders Council: “Vandalism to any SBC property is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“The selfish actions of a small few are preventing others from using and benefiting from vital SBC services across the region and are incurring thousands of pounds worth of additional unforeseen costs to the Council.

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“Very unfortunately SBC is forced to consider the permanently removal of some pieces of play equipment which are being repeatedly targeted.

He added: “By vandalising our play equipment, it means it can’t be used by others for the purpose it was intended for and it is effectively vandalising our own area.”