Selkirk 22-year-old given curfew after admitting drunken thefts from gardens

Selkirk Sheriff Court.Selkirk Sheriff Court.
Selkirk Sheriff Court.
A 22-year-old man responsible for two thefts from gardens in Selkirk has been given a home night-time curfew for the next 80 days at the town’s sheriff court.

Haydn Hughes, 22, of Shawburn Road in Selkirk, pleaded guilty to stealing a scooter and a swing from a house in Roberts Avenue and a garden chair from a property in Chapel Street on June 10.

Graham Fraser, prosecuting, said the value of the scooter was £146 and the swing cost £400.

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He said that at about 1pm a neighbour heard a noise and looked out of a window to see the accused carrying a chair above his head and into the next door health centre’s car park.

Mr Fraser said: “The lady realised one of her garden chairs had gone missing, and another neighbour noticed a scooter and a swing had gone.”

Hughes then advertised that stolen property for sale on his Facebook page, the court heard.

The woman got a friend to go along and view the items and challenge Hughes about their provenance.

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Hughes denied they had been stolen but left them with the person viewing without seeking payment.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said his client, originally from Wales, had been abstaining from alcohol but started drinking after a friend visited and that had influenced his actions.

He said: “These items were taken from their front gardens. He was very apologetic.”

Hughes is required to stay in his home between the hours of 9pm and 7am for the next 80 days.