£600 fine after bust-up between neighbours

A bust-up between neighbours cost Dylan Scott a total of £600 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court
Jedburgh Sheriff Court

The 27-year-old repeatedly punched James Kerr on the head and body to his injury in Hawick’s Minto Place on June 7 last year and then spat on a former police officer who tried to intervene and stop the fracas.

Scott was fined £500 for the assault and ordered to pay £100 compensation to the former police officer.

Procurator fiscal Fraser Mathieson said: “It was about quarter to 10 in the morning and Mr Kerr was outside a house in Minto Place.

“A car was driven past by Mr Scott which attracted the complainer’s attention.

“A disagreement took place over Kerr’s perception of Scott’s driving.

“It resulted in the accused repeatedly punching the complainer on the head and body and once he got to his feet he pushed Mr Kerr over, causing him to fall and strike his head on the roadway.

“Mr Kerr was taken to Borders General Hospital for assessment where he felt a ‘bit woozy’. He had one stitch inserted on the back of his head and there were a number of minor cuts and bruises.

“A former police officer got involved and was spat on by Mr Scott. Soon after, serving police officers arrived and the accused was arrested.”

The self-employed forestry worker said he was assaulted during the incident.

But he added there was no ill-feeling with the other parties and there had been no more incidents more than a year after it happened.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said there had been an exchange of views about the driving and matters escalated.

He explained he did not know who the former police officer was when he got involved and the spit came out of his mouth during the dispute.