Man admits Hawick road rage incident

A 31-year-old man lost his temper and caused an estimated £2,500 worth of damage to a car in a road rage incident.
Mart Street roundabout in Hawick.Mart Street roundabout in Hawick.
Mart Street roundabout in Hawick.

Jon Renton snapped after a car crashed into his vehicle at the Morrisons roundabout in Hawick.

He attempted to tear the bumper off the car, smashed both wing mirrors and repeatedly punched the windscreen after jumping out of his vehicle and trying to open the other driver's door during the road rage incident.

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Jedburgh Sheriff Court was told police received a number of 999 calls about the disturbance in Mart Street, Hawick, around 4.20pm on November 29.

Renton, of Wellogate Brae, admitted behaving in threatening or abusive manner towards the other driver, by standing in front of their car and demanding they get out of the vehicle - iin addition to causing the damage.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick, revealed he had two young children in the car at the time and took the view the other driver was going to drive off following the collision.

He said: “It was an unedifying piece of behaviour and he has taken that on board.

"But basically he has lost his temper

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But prosecutor Fiona Hamilton said the incident left the other driver in "quite a state", which is why they didn't stay around.

Renton has been ordered to carry out 70 hours of unpaid work, as an alternative to a fine.