Kelso resident almost fell victim to bank scammers, police reveal

A scammers alert has been issued after a Kelso man was almost defrauded out of several thousand pounds.

By Paul Kelly
Monday, 5th July 2021, 1:39 pm

Police have issued a warning for the public to remain vigilant following a failed bank scam.

The Kelso resident received a call from a withheld number claiming to be from the RBS “Fraud Squad”, stating they were investigating fraudulent activity within a local branch.

They were instructed to withdraw several thousand pounds in cash and post it in a padded envelope to an address in England.

A police spokesperson said: "When the victim queried this, they a were advised to call them back on the RBS freephone number, however the line was kept open and the dialogue was continued.

"The victim was coached by the fraudster on how to answer all the bank security questions and instructed to keep the phone on when they were in the bank; police would be listening and viewing on CCTV.

"Fortunately, the victim ultimately realised this was a scam and was able to recover the money from the post office before it was sent."

A police spokesperson said: "Banks will never ask customers to participate in internal fraud investigations.

"If you receive any calls of this nature, terminate the call and consider contacting the organisation using the number you would normally contact them on – NOT the number given by the caller.

"Ideally do this using a different phone (e.g. a mobile), as scammers can leave the line open. If this is not possible wait for some time and dial someone you know to check the line is clear before proceeding.

"Do not be deceived by the incoming phone number displayed on your mobile or home phone as these are easily spoofed."