Hawick man who raped his victim as she slept

A sex predator carried out rape attacks on a young woman after encouraging her to smoke cannabis because it made her fall sound asleep, a court heard.
The High Court in Edinburgh.The High Court in Edinburgh.
The High Court in Edinburgh.

Kieran Beck raped the victim at his former home in the Scottish Borders while he was still a teenager before going on to sexually assault a second woman when she was sleeping.

His first victim told jurors at the High Court in Edinburgh that she and Beck were "weed smokers".

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She said: "He would encourage me to smoke more because it really put me into a deep sleep. Then I woke up at night to him having sex with me."

The woman said she told Beck "many times" that she did not want it to happen. She said: "A couple of times I would say 'no' and he would be having sex with me from on top or behind."

Beck (25) formerly of Hawick, had denied raping the woman and a series of further charges during a trial but was found guilty of the offence and eight further crimes, including sexual assault, assault, abusive behaviour and breaching bail.

The first victim said that Beck was "very controlling" and that he subjected her to behaviour that left her feeling horrible and worthless.

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She said he directed verbal abuse at her, calling her "a fat bitch, an idiot and a slag" and physical violence when she was struck, punched and dragged by the hair.

During assaults perpetrated by Beck between April 2014 and February 2016 at addresses in Hawick she was also pushed and pulled and her head was struck against a mirror.

The woman said that Beck was drunk when he attacked her on one occasion. "He dragged me about by the hair, slapped my face and he took my iphone and bent it," she said.

Beck also assaulted and raped her when she was asleep and incapable of giving or withholding consent.

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A second woman was also attacked by Beck at addresses in the Borders between January 2016 and July the following year when she was grabbed, punched and kicked and subjected to alarming behaviour when he damaged a TV and mobile phone and forced entry to her home.

Beck also performed oral sex acts on the victim when she was sleeping and unable to consent.

A third victim was also subjected to attacks by Beck when she was punched and kicked and put in a headlock and forced to the ground.

He also acted aggressively towards the woman at addresses in the Hawick area and subjected her to offensive remarks and threats of violence between September 2018 and October 2021.

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A judge told Beck following his conviction that he was calling for the preparation of a background report and risk assessment on him.

Lord Arthurson said that although he has previously served jail terms he had no record for sex crimes.

He adjourned sentencing on Beck, a prisoner in Edinburgh, until next month and continued his remand in custody. Beck was placed on the sex offenders' register.