Galashiels man exposed himself to neighbours

A drunken 54-year-old Galashiels man who exposed himself to his neighbours has been ordered to pay them £150 in compensation.

Wojciech Lewandowski pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner in his home street of Meikle Kemp Lane on November 24.

He admitted staggering around in a drunken state with his trousers down and exposing his private parts as well as shouting and swearing at members of the public and police officers.

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Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said the father-of-two was spotted at around 10.15pm by neighbours, who were outside having a cigarette, being escorted by two people.

Mr Fraser said: “He could hardly stand up and was trying to urinate down a drain and his private parts were in full view.

“He was shouting and was told to go home because he was being disgusting.”

He swore at them and also shouted phrases in Polish.

Mr Fraser added: “He moved further down the street, but his trousers were down below his knees and he was still shouting and swearing.

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“The police were then contacted but he was also abusive towards officers.”

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said his client was not in the best frame of mind having lost his employment.

“He is a diabetic but he is not putting that forward as an excuse for being caught short, as it were.

“He has apologised to his neighbours for his behaviour.”

Sheriff Peter Paterson ordered Lewandowski to pay £75 to each of the two neighbours who witnessed his antics.