Drunk found inside Hawick High School

Hawick High SchoolHawick High School
Hawick High School
A drunk was found lying asleep in a corridor at Hawick High School following a night out, Jedburgh Sheriff Court has been told.

Sean Lockhart, 24, of Roberton Place, Hawick, broke a safety glass panel to gain access to the school building at around 6am.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said an intruder alarm was activated, but a janitor called out in response could find no trace of anyone.

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However, the alarm was re-set, and when it went off again, it was obvious someone was in the building, and Lockhart was then found intoxicated and apparently asleep in a school corridor.

Mr Fraser said: “When woken, he could not stand still, let alone explain how he got there. It was noted that a glass panel on one of the outer doors had been broken, and a check of the CCTV showed it was the accused at around 10 past six in the morning who carried it out.

“He slept off the drink in the cells and thereafter was liberated to appear in court today. He did say he had been out in Edinburgh the night before and might have been looking for a heat.”

Defence lawyer Robert More said that while Lockhart could not explain why he was there, a packet of crisps bought from a vending machine was found beside him.

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The grounds worker pleaded guilty to a charge of wilfully or recklessly breaking a pane of safety glass worth £50.

In addition to being fined £200, he was ordered to pay £50 compensation to Scottish Borders Council.