Banned for driving while four times limit

Abbotford Road in Galashiels. Photo: Bill McBurnie.Abbotford Road in Galashiels. Photo: Bill McBurnie.
Abbotford Road in Galashiels. Photo: Bill McBurnie.
A Hawick woman who went for a drive to Galashiels while four times the legal alcohol limit has been banned from the road for two years at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Lauren Dryden, 32, pleaded to driving in Abbotsford Road, Galashiels, during the early hours of March 5 with a breath/alcohol count of 86 microgrammes, the legal limit being 22.

Procurator fiscal Fraser Matheson said that at about 4.20am, police officers on patrol carried out computer checks on a vehicle and decided to pull it over.

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He added they detected a strong smell of alcohol and felt she was over the limit.

Dryden gave a positive reading and she was arrested and was taken to Hawick Police Station.

Mr Matheson said she co-operated with the toximeter test and recorded the reading of 86, which was almost four times the legal limit.

He said: “She was released on an undertaking to appear at court today.”

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Defence lawyer Colin Severin said the mother-of-two had been suffering health issues in recent times.

He explained: “She had been drinking wine at home and decided to go for a drive as it would calm her down.

"She advised that she immediately exited the vehicle when she saw the police and said she had been drinking.

"She hopes to never find herself in this situation again."

Dryden of Cavers, near Hawick, was fined £330 and ordered to pay a Victim Surcharge of £20.

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She was banned from driving for two years but was offered a chance to sit the Drink Drivers Rehabilitation Course which if completed at her own expense would result in a 25 per cent discount in the

length of the disqualification period.