Chips are down for Hawick street being blighted by bother

Hawick and Hermitage councillor Davie Paterson couldn't be accused of having a chip on his shoulder, but he is as sick as a chip, to use an expression from south of the border, about a litter lout at large in the town's Howegate.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 23rd September 2017, 1:41 pm
Hawick councillor Davie Paterson surveying the mess.
Hawick councillor Davie Paterson surveying the mess.

Residents there have had to endure a torrid time at the hands of marauding youths over recent months.

There have been reports of booze-fuelled youngsters urinating outside homes and banging on elderly residents’ doors in the early hours.

Earlier this month, after a meeting between councillors, the police and housing association representatives, residents were offered some hope of an end to their misery.

A tender has gone out to supply additional street illumination in Howegate, the hope being that troublesome teenagers will not be so brazen in their misbehaviour under the glare of the lights.

Mr Paterson says he has also been told by residents about chips being dumped at the back of Howegate.

“They were telling me that someone – they aren’t sure if it was a business or not – has just dumped a whole load of chips at the rear of the Howegate, the side next to Peter Scott’s,” he said. “It’s an absolute disgrace, and whoever did this should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

“I am also being told that some folk that live in the Howegate are having to move in with friends at the weekend because the noise and the anti-social behaviour is now out of hand.”