Brits throw away £322 by not switching to a better broadband deal

Could you get a better broadband deal?Could you get a better broadband deal?
Could you get a better broadband deal?
UK households could save an average of £322 per year by switching to a better broadband deal, yet 42% have never changed broadband provider, reveals analysis by Ofcom-accredited broadband deals comparison site

Half of the household decision makers interviewed by had not shopped around in order to save money on broadband in the last five years, while a further 35% had only switched deal once during that time, losing a considerable amount of money in the process.

Conversely, when offered a hypothetical situation in which they would be handed a similar amount of cash in return for ditching their current broadband provider, nearly three-quarters (74%) said they would switch in order to pocket the money.

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Commenting on the research results, Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms expert at broadband deals comparison site, said: “Like switching energy provider, switching your broadband deal at the end of your contract is clearly perceived as a hassle. How else could it be that most of us don’t bother, even though we’re losing considerable sums of money as a result?

“Thanks to recent changes in the rules courtesy of Ofcom, switching broadband deal is not only incredibly quick and easy, it’s also seamless and painless. The whole process now takes less than fifteen minutes either online or on the phone. Fifteen minutes to save £322 per year on average? For most of us that would constitute the highest-earning quarter of an hour of our entire lives.”

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