Borders voted by 58% to remain in Europe

Borderers voted to remain in Europe, along with every other local authority area in Scotland but the leave vote in the region was higher than in other parts.

In the Scottish Borders voting area the total number of votes cast in the EU Referendum was 64,953 - 37,952 (58.47%) votes were cast for remain and a total of 26,962 (41.53%) votes were cast for leave.

The electorate was 88,440 and the turnout 73.4%.

The number of ballot papers rejected and not counted was 39. This can be broken down into the following: 14 because votes were cast for both answers to the question and 25 were unmarked or void for uncertainty.

The count took place overnight at Springwood Park, Kelso.

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Scottish Borders Council’s chief executive Tracey Logan, was Counting Officer for the Scottish Borders and she said: “I’d like to thank all the staff who worked to ensure this referendum ran efficiently and accurately, both in polling places across the area and at the count centre at Springwood Park.”

Quick to respond to the result and the subsequent resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron was NFU Scotland, its president Allan Bowie said: “The dramatic events of the past few hours will mark a period of great uncertainty for Scotland’s farmers and crofters. What is also clear is that the role of the union in representing our members’ views and protecting their interests will rarely have been more important in our 103-year history.

“NFU Scotland will be at the centre of any discussions on new arrangements for our food and farming sector. There is a need for these discussions to commence quickly so that the many businesses who benefit from support from the CAP and value the markets we have established for our produce in Europe and further afield can plan for the future.

“Significant sectors of our industry are also very reliant on a workforce sourced from other parts of the EU and we need to establish any implications for their businesses.

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“What will be key for Scottish agriculture will be delivery on the commitments made in the campaign about support levels for agriculture in the event of a Brexit vote and to seek reassurances on terms of trade with rest of Europe and worldwide in the future.”

Borders MP Calum Kerr voted for remain and posted on Facebook this morning: “A great result for Remain in the Scottish Borders with 58.5% vote to stay in the EU. A fantastic turnout too. Thank you to all who participated and made your voice heard.

“Off for couple hours sleep, then to the Royal Highland Show. How will everyone be feeling there?”

Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, said: “The result of the referendum brings both opportunities and challenges for the fishing industry and the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation will be doing everything in its power to ensure that the best possible deal is achieved for fishing during the exit negotiations.

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“To aid this process, it is vital that we have clarity from both the UK and Scottish Governments on their future intentions for fishing. Our national governments must work closely with the industry over the coming months and years to ensure that the right framework is put in place to deliver a prosperous future.”