Antique stars target Borders shops for a profit in BBC show

Popular daytime telly show Antiques Roadtrip continues its love affair with the Scottish Borders next week, as another pair of experts are seen trying to make the most profit on their purchases.

By Kevin Janiak
Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 3:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 4:43 pm
Angus Ashworth and Steven Moore will go head-to-head on Antiques Roadtrip on Monday.
Angus Ashworth and Steven Moore will go head-to-head on Antiques Roadtrip on Monday.

The show has visited the area several times over the last 20 series, with stars such as Anita Manning, Charles Hanson and Paul Laidlaw all snapping up bargains at our various antique shops.

This time round, it’s Angus Ashworth, who recently joined the series with some measure of success, taking on newbie Steven Moore.

Steven is a former dealer, auctioneer and museum curator and has been valuing antiques on the telly for years.

New expert Steven Moore has a shot of longbow for the Antiques Roadtrip programme due to be aired on Monday.

However, has he got what it takes to beat veteran Tripper Angus when it comes to finding valuable antiques?

The duo are seen kicking off their scenic trip in a 1963 HIllman Super Minx in Melrose, before heading to Selkirk and Hawick.

The programme includes sections in which the stars visit places of interest along the way and this one sees Steven head to Selkirk to find out more about the Selkirk Silver Arrow.

He meets up with local historian and former GP Lindsay Neil, who tells him the story about the arrow’s connections with Sir Walter Scott and how the arrow found its way back to the town.

Steven then gets to grips with longbow archery at the Ettrick Forest Archers’ shooting field in Thirladean.

The club’s Douglas Anderson told us: “The episode was filmed back in August, and we were asked to take part, which we were delighted to do.

“I took Steven through the mechanics of arrow-making, and he attached some fletchings before having a go at target archery.

“I think it kicked off a bit of competition, as Angus came along for a wee shot as well.”

You’ll need to tune in on Monday (BBC1, 4.30pm) to see how they do.

The show also features a trip to Stobs Military Camp in Hawick.

The pair are given £200 each to try to buy quality items for as little as possible, in order to make profit at an auction at Crooklands, near Kendal.

Any profit they make by the end of the week goes to Children in Need.

Later in this series, well-known antique hunters James Braxton, Catherine Southon, Charlie Ross, Izzie Balmer, David Harper, Louise Gostelow, Raj Bisram and Natasha Raskin Sharp also feature.