Abbotsford days for foster carers

Borders fostering families joined Foster Care Connect panel members, staff and friends in a fun-filled afternoon at Abbotsford House, to celebrate their achievements.

Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 11:44 am
Updated Saturday, 5th March 2016, 9:07 am
Foster Care Connect director Helen Fraser.

Sara Lurie, director of Fostering Network Scotland attended the celebration.

Families received their achievement awards which formally recognise the commitment that they have made to the agency – which aims to connect children with carers – and to the young people in their care.

Foster Care Connect director Helen Fraser said: “Our Abbotsford Day recognised the accomplishments and achievements of our Foster Carers and the invaluable work they do with children and young people.”

The agency returned to Abbotsford the following weekend as the youngsters enjoyed a day learning about Sir Walter Scott, hearing about his writings, learning about his life and how he overcome many difficulties.

They took part in a poetry writing session, just like Sir Walter, and explored the grounds to learn about the countryside and appreciate the benefits of outdoor learning.

The day finished with a den building challenge and the expending of what energy remained in the play area.

If you think you could have the skills to foster, whether part or full-time, get in touch with the team on 01896 751999.