It will be sleepless in Galashiels when a tribute is paid to a town cancer victim

A cleaning company boss isn’t planning on getting any shut-eye for 24 hours as he takes to the hills in Galashiels in tribute to a beloved cousin.

Ryan Small in Galashiels training for his 24 hour run at Meigle Hill. (Photo: BILL McBURNIE)
Ryan Small in Galashiels training for his 24 hour run at Meigle Hill. (Photo: BILL McBURNIE)

Gala lad Craig McGlasson was only 32 when he died in August last year, just a week after being diagnosed with cancer.

His cousin Ryan Small a keen endurance athlete, wanted to do something positive as a tribute to his short life.

And after discussions with Craig’s parents, Terry and Elaine, he chose to raise funds for Poppyscotland by taking part in a 24-hour running challenge up and down Meigle Hill and Mosilee Hill in Galashiels from Friday, June 25 at 6pm to Saturday, June 26 at 6pm.

Ryan Small. (Photo: BILL McBURNIE)

Gala Cricket club at Galashiels has kindly agreed to set up a marquee as an aid station where Ryan can eat, drink and change clothes.

“I’m going to try and go 24 hours flat out, just stopping for food and drinks, and not to have any naps. No sleep, that’s the plan,” Ryan said.

The 41-year-old, originally from Galashiels but who now runs a cleaning company in Glasgow, added: “Craig was a big supporter of Remembrance Day. His dad is ex-military and he was proud of his dad leading the marches and the Remembrance Day parade.

"When I came up with this challenge I asked my aunt and uncle if was there a charity they had in mind and they both said Poppyscotland.

"I had been planning to do something on those hills for years but when Craig died it got set in stone that I’d do something there in memory of him.”

Ryan, who takes part in ultra marathons and 24-hour races, added: “A couple of years ago I did a half marathon every day for a month for Poppyscotland. I’d like to raise at least £2,000 in tribute to Craig.

"On the day itself people can come to see me at the Gala Cricket Club marquee and I’ll have collection buckets and raffles.

"My mum runs Sheerkuts hairdressing salon in Galashiels and I’ll put raffle tickets in there for people to guess how far I can run in 24 hours, how much elevation gain I can get, things like that.”

You can support Ryan via

Poppyscotland was established in 1921 as The Earl Haig Fund Scotland but adopted its current name in 2006.