Video: Scottish charity’s poem is a lockdown morale booster for children

One of the downsides of the coronavirus lockdown is that families have been unable to meet up.

This turn of events has been stressful and upsetting for all concerned.

In a bid to ease the tension, Shared Parenting Scotland has produced a video version of The Ballad of Janitor MacKay by Margaret Green. The video was edited by Grant MacFarlane, who also provided the accordion accompaniment.

The charity’s national manager, Ian Maxwell, said: “The guidance from the government and the courts has been that shared parenting should continue where possible. It has been an exception to the overall travel restrictions since the beginning of the lockdown. Nevertheless, many children have not seen one of their parents for three months or more.

Families have missed even the simplest of events like grandparents reading to children during lockdown. Photo: Steffen Eckart from Pixabay

“The break in contact can be a source of real distress for children and separated parents alike. This is a bit of a cheer up video for everyone who has lost important time with each other. 
“We are grateful to Margaret Green for giving her permission for our group rendition.”