You can show your kids video footage of Santa’s reindeer visiting your home on Christmas Eve - here’s how

There is something undeniably magical about Christmas Eve, particularly for youngsters, who may face a sleepless night in anticipation of the following day.

Children will often leave a selection of snacks out for Santa and his reindeer, in the hope that the treats will have vanished the next morning, after their presents have been delivered.

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While kids get a huge thrill from seeing the half drunk glass of milk and leftover crumbs from the cookies they put out, it’s now possible for little ones to get a glimpse of Santa’s visit, thanks to a creation from McDonald’s.

Reindeer Ready

The fast food chain has brought back its Reindeer Ready website for 2020. It allows parents to capture the moment Santa visits their home on Christmas Eve.

The site gives you the chance to film one of Santa’s reindeer eating from a plate of carrots in your very own living room, and show the clip to your children the next morning. It has proved to be a huge hit in previous years and is very simple to create.

However, the website can be very busy in the final hours of Christmas Eve due to the volume of people trying to access, so try to visit ahead of time to ensure you can get in.

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How to make a video

To make a clip, you simply need to visit the Reindeer Ready website on your phone or tablet, select ‘Reindeer Ready Live’, and use the camera on your phone or tablet to scan the code on the screen to start creating your video.

You then need to take a picture of where you would like the reindeer to appear in your home, before editing it into where your children put out snacks for Santa.

The website will add in its own plate of carrots, so make sure to move yours out of the shot before you get started. You can edit the reindeer to enter from any direction you like, with the final clip showing it taking a bite from the plate of carrots as the bells jingle on its collar.

Once you are happy with your creation, you can download the video to your phone to show to your kids on Christmas morning.

The Reindeer Ready website also includes other fun options for kids to enjoy, including Christmas themed activity sheets, audiobooks and a reindeer game.

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