The £175 perfume that will make you smell like a new car

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Lots of car fans rave about “that new car smell”. The indefinable scent of a vehicle before it’s polluted by miles and miles of everyday use.

For most, a quick waft as they open the door is enough but if you’re more committed than that, there’s a new product just for you.

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Online car platform Auto Trader has branched out from helping sell cars and got in on the fragrance market.

But rather than settle for a cheap in-car air freshener it’s splashed out and created its own perfume.

The imaginatively named Auto Trader: Eau de New Car is a brand new scent developed for the marketplace following research that found a quarter of people associated the smell with success.

According to the faintly hysterical press material which dubs the fragrance “success in a bottle”, the scent “blends notes of fine leathers and hard wax from the most premium of vehicles”.

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“Designed to recreate the heady emotion of the first journey in a new car, the scent culminates in a finish of musk and carpeted aroma."

Apparently, if you want bottled success you’ve got to be willing to pay handsomely for it, which is why Auto Trader is charging £175 for a 50ml bottle. Just for comparison, right now on Auto Trader you can bag yourself a 2004 Renault Clio with 7 months’ MOT and a dodgy throttle body for the same price.

To really drive home its message, Auto Trader has even produced a celebrity-inspired advert starring former Top Gear presenter Rory Reid and a Bentley to promote the ridiculous scent.

Reid commented: “Let’s face it - the feeling you get when getting into a brand-new car is unforgettable. From the shine of the metal, smoothness of the leather and the sense of pride you get taking it out for a spin for the first time – there’s little wonder that this is the scent we most associate with success. Why shouldn’t we be able to smell that scent and feel that way all the time?”

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If you’ve got £175 and fancy smelling like the inside of a BMW 5 Series then you can buy the fragrance direct from Auto Trader. Just be warned, the only people it’s likely to attract are other weirdos who get excited by the smell of leather and carpets.

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