20 of the best names for fish and chip shops

Today marks the second National Fish & Chip Day, June 3, which gives us all an excuse to eat everyone's favourite - a chippy tea.

The aim of the newly founded event is to bring together those involved in creating Britain’s favourite dish.

To mark the occasion, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite names for fish & chip shops, from the daft, to the downright clever.

Contented Sole

New Cod On The Block


Frying Nemo

The Cod Almighty

A Salt N Battered

A Fish Called Rhondda


Hippie Chippy

The Star Chip Enterprise

Phil’s Yer Tum

Battersea Cod’s Home

For Your Fries Only

Salty Towers

The Codmother

The Frying Scotsman

Oh My Cod

Chip Ahoy

The Jolly Fryer