13th century wall water feature in Hawick's Caver House needs to be saved

Cavers House.Cavers House.
Cavers House.
An application has been submitted to Scottish Borders Council for the restoration of a 13th century water feature located within the ruins of Cavers House in Hawick.

Galashiels architects Camerons Strachan and Yule say maintenance work is necessary to preserve the piscina located within the ground floor of the southern wall of the structure’s Warden’s Tower.

A report says: “This historic feature has been stylistically dated to the second half of the 13th century and is said to have been discovered during the late 19th century remodelling of the castle.

"The piscina likely originates from a major church, such as Melrose Abbey.

"Maintenance is necessary and urgent to save this important historic feature.”