Paramedic pair on scene again

Borders ambulance heroes were once again featured in the BBC show Paramedics on Scene on Sunday evening.

By Kevin Janiak
Tuesday, 12th January 2021, 3:19 pm
Nadine Greenfield does a piece to camera for the show.
Nadine Greenfield does a piece to camera for the show.

The show gives a valuable insight into the work of paramedics and technicians who are often first on the scene when medical aid is required.

It’s the first time spotlight has been on the region in this way and it’s made Lee Myers and Nadine Greenfield instant stars.

Previously, the pair were shown caring for an elderly lady, named Margaret.

In Sunday’s show, paramedic Lee and technician Nadine were called to an 84-year-old male named Jim in Galashiels who had abdominal pain and difficulty of breathing.

Chatting to Nadine on the way to the call, Lee said: “Abdomen pain could be caused by a number of things, we’ll need to do a 12-lead ECG in case it’s cardiac, we’ll need to think about triple A’s.

“We need to asses his breathing first and we need to manage his pain as well, and see what’s what when we get there.”

He explains: “We can go to 10 abdomen pain jobs and every one could be different.”

Getting to the house, the pair are waved down by the gentleman’s carer, who told them: “He’s been hunched over all night in agony, and has not been able to sleep. He now says he’s feeling a little fainty.”

Nadine commented: “Jim didn’t appear on first arrival to be in pain, but I think he’s probably one of these guys that doesn’t let on when he is in a lot of pain.”

The pair check out the pensioner, who tells them he serrved in the Parachute Regiment for 15 years.

Nadine added: “His blood pressure was up a little bit, and his pulse rate was up as well, so that kind of suggested he was in a lot more pain than he let on. He was definitely downplaying it.”

As they eased Jim into the chair, he was keen to show them his war memorabilia.

Once in the ambulance Jim was given morphine to ease the obvious pain he was in.

As in last week, the duo showed their skills in gently chatting to their patient, easing their concerns.

At the end of the show, it was revealed that Jim’s pain came from constipation and after treatment he was back in his “battle room” the same day.

As for Nadine, she says filming for the show was a “great opportunity” to have the Borders shown on TV.

She added: “I felt very privileged and proud to appear on the show ... I was very nervous to start with and aware of the cameras, however I tried not to let this get in the way of my patient care.

“It’s so funny seeing yourself on telly, I couldn’t believe how Scottish I sounded in real life.

“Doing this kind of show allows the public to see what we do on a daily basis.

“It’s not always trauma we deal with, taking time to care for, assess, treat and get to know patients such as Margaret and Jim are important parts of the job and aid in positive patient experience.”

Lee and Nadine are expected to be back on air this Sunday, and the Southern understands another paramedic pairing will be shown later in the series.

All episodes of the show which have already been aired are available to watch on BBC iplayer.