Selkirk's response team kicks in for coronavirus outbreak

After a stuttering start, Selkirk’s response team has been activated, with almost 400 Souters offering to help out during the coronavirus pandemic.

By Kevin Janiak
Monday, 23rd March 2020, 4:20 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd March 2020, 4:21 pm
The Selkirk Response Team's contact and control point is at 1 Tower Street.
The Selkirk Response Team's contact and control point is at 1 Tower Street.

A small number of members met on Friday at the Victoria Halls, and the group has set up a control point of operations at 1 Tower Street.

Several attempts had been made to set the group up in the past couple of years, but progress stalled. Now, it’s up and running as the townsfolk are ready and willing to help in the face of the unprecedented restrictions on movement.

Team co-ordinator, community councillor Graham Easton, said: “The Selkirk response team has been activated to support the public in the local area.

“Made up of volunteers the group, a sub group of the community council, has started working with local partnerships to assist in measures that can protect residents, particularly the elderly, vulnerable and socially isolated, in dealing with the potential effects of self-isolation as dictated by government advice.

“The response team’s Facebook page has attracted nearly 400 members, most of who live in or near the town, and volunteers have been busy with the distribution of leaflets that contain names and telephone number of team members who can give the time and energy to deal with concerns, or issues that residents may have.

“This includes assistance with shopping, other urgent supplies, posting mail or perhaps just an encouraging telephone call to someone who feels they need some reassurance.

“There has already been a staggering amount of support from local businesses and residents to assist the team in this task, a true indication of the level of community spirit within the town.

“This support includes donations of food or money to purchase food, offers of free delivery from many local businesses, offers of help from many groups and organisations in Selkirk as well individual support from local people, young and old.

“The team has a small unit of coordinators who meet twice a week to identify priorities, enabling them to plan the best use of resources in the days ahead and are always looking for additional volunteers to step in and give up their time when they can.”

Graham can be contacted on 07785 274226.