No rise in coronavirus cases in Borders overnight, leaving total at 325

No further cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the Borders today, May 30, with the total for the region to date remaining static at 325.
Nicola Sturgeon giving a Covid-19 outbreak update yesterday in Edinburgh.Nicola Sturgeon giving a Covid-19 outbreak update yesterday in Edinburgh.
Nicola Sturgeon giving a Covid-19 outbreak update yesterday in Edinburgh.

That standstill statistic follows a rise of two cases yesterday coming after two days without any new cases.

It’s now getting on for three months since the region’s first diagnoses were confirmed on Wednesday, March 11.

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The 325 cases confirmed here are among 15,382 nationwide, up from 15,327 yesterday.

Across the UK, 271,222 people have tested positive for the disease, up 2,095 on the day before.

It’s now not short of three months since Scotland’s first case, in Tayside, was announced on Sunday, March 1, after spreading across the world from Wuhan in China.

The death toll claimed in the region by coronavirus stands at 35, as of Tuesday, an increase of one on last week.

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Figures issued by the National Records of Scotland this week, taking into account all fatalities attributed to coronavirus and not just among those previously tested and found to be infected, put the death toll for the region at 58 as of Sunday, however – 24 higher than the Scottish Government figure of 34 at that time.

It’s now just short of two months since the first five fatalities among Covid-19 patients here were announced on Monday, March 30.

That figure, going by Scottish Government calculations, rose to seven the day after, March 31; eight on Wednesday, April 1; 11 on Thursday, April 2; 14 on Friday, April 3; 16 on Sunday, April 5; 17 on Monday, April 6; 19 on Tuesday, April 7; 20 on Friday, April 10; 22 on Saturday, April 11; 23 on Sunday, April 12; 26 on Monday, April 13; 27 on Thursday, April 23; 28 on Friday, April 24; 29 on Monday, April 27; 30 on Wednesday, April 29; 31 on Thursday, April 30; 32 on Tuesday, May 12; 34 on Tuesday, May 19; and 35 on Tuesday, May 26.

They are among 2,353 coronavirus patients killed by the disease in Scotland so far, up from 2,331 overnight, and 38,161 UK-wide, a rise of 324 on the day before.

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Altogether, 25 Scots are in intensive care receiving treatment for coronavirus, along with another eight suspected to be infected but awaiting test results.

Nearly 113,000 tests for the illness have been carried out in Scotland so far, with 97,602 coming back negative.

Giving an update in Edinburgh yesterday on the outbreak, Scottish Government first minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “Our country has made significant progress over recent weeks, but make no mistake – this virus has not gone away.

“Let me be very clear – you should still stay home as much as you can. Lockdown has been modified slightly, but it is not over.

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“You should still be seeing far fewer people than you might normally do.

“Don’t meet with more than one other household at a time, don’t meet more than one a day and keep to a maximum of eight people in a group.

“Stay two metres apart when you do meet. That will be difficult, I know – we all want to hug our loved ones – but please, don’t put them or yourself at risk.

“Wash your hands often. Take hand sanitiser if you are out and about.

“Avoid hard surfaces, and clean any you do touch.

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“Above all, remember that each individual decision we take will affect the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

“Recent weeks have been tough, and tough times still lie ahead but I have never been prouder of this country than I am right now, so let’s continue to stick together and do right by each other.”