Have your say on how we should look forward to a return to a more normal life after Covid lockdown restrictions are lifted

Take two minutes to complete our quick survey and have your say (Photo: Shutterstock)Take two minutes to complete our quick survey and have your say (Photo: Shutterstock)
Take two minutes to complete our quick survey and have your say (Photo: Shutterstock)

This week marks the first anniversary of the UK’s first coronavirus lockdown and has given us the chance to reflect and commemorate those we’ve lost.

While we will never forget the lives lost and the hardships caused by the pandemic we also believe we can continue to look forward with fresh hope. Being able to spend time with family, friends and neighbours again and to enjoy many of the things that have been put on hold since the start of the pandemic gives us all something to look forward to.

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In the same way we have marked a day of reflection, with the UK still on a roadmap back to normality we believe that the Government should also create a day of celebration. This special day would reflect the hope we now have for a brighter future as well as the triumphs over adversity in communities across the UK over the past 12 months.

We have created this survey so you can have your say on when this special day should take place, if it should be a one-off celebration or annual event and what sort of festivities you would like to see.

Options include a brand new bank holiday in the summer or autumn, a weekend celebration and organised events such as street parties, festivals and fireworks displays.

A year on from the first national lockdown the future now looks brighter than at any point during the pandemic.

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Covid infections, hospitalisations and deaths are falling steadily, and the vaccination programme has already reached half the adult population of the UK.

If the vaccine rollout remains on track, all adults in the UK will have been offered a jab by the end of July, which will be a great national effort and cause for celebration.

And over the course of the coming weeks and months lockdown restrictions are set to ease considerably.

If, like us, you believe the Government should create a new national day then please take two minutes to complete our quick survey - just click on this link.

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