Earlston volunteers are stood down as new Covid-19 cases fall

As new coronavirus cases continue to fall and restrictions begin to be loosened further, the need for community volunteers is also falling.

Earlston community council secretary Sheila Gibb.
Earlston community council secretary Sheila Gibb.

As such, most resilient community groups are standing down their volunteers.

Sheila Gibb, secretary of Earlston Community Council, said: “The community council would like to thank all the local volunteers who have again made themselves available to support residents during the latest lockdown.

"The number of residents needing help has been much smaller than last year, but this has been no less appreciated.

"As the government moves towards reducing restrictions we'd like to advise everyone in the community that the volunteers are standing down and our phone line will not be manned from Monday, April 5. Thanks to all who have taken part.”