Borderers praised for using common sense and keeping off streets

Borderers are, on the whole, adhering to restrictions on public gatherings and time allowed to be spent outdoors.

By Kathryn Wylie
Friday, 10th April 2020, 2:49 pm
The Cross Keys Hotel and Rutherfords Micropub in Kelso both remain closed.
The Cross Keys Hotel and Rutherfords Micropub in Kelso both remain closed.

So say Police Scotland officers after they handed out nine fixed-penalty notices to residents caught bending the rules on social distancing last week.

Across the whole of Scotland, officers issued 144 fixed-penalty notices under new legislation underpinning UK Government prime minister Boris Johnson’s order that people stay at home except for specified reasons.

Those fines were handed out to people caught ignoring that guidance between Friday, March 27, and Wednesday, April 1.

Since then, police officers have been carrying out routine visits to scenic locations such as Carter Bar and Leaderfoot Viaduct to check for breaches of those rules amid the summery temperatures gracing the country this week .

So far, though, the sunny weather hasn’t tempted people to flout the rules, as photos taken across the region on Tuesday show.

In his latest advice, Scottish Government justice secretary Humza Yousaf says: “These rules are in place to slow down the spread of Covid-19 which will protect the NHS and save lives. While Police Scotland have powers of enforcement, I expect that these will be used only as a last resort and that the vast majority of people will use their common sense and play a full part in this country-wide effort.”