UPDATED: Management team at Jedburgh Grammar School 'unaware' of male pupils alleged antics

The headteacher and management team at Jedburgh Grammar Campus were unaware of allegations that male pupils had ‘waved sanitary towels around like flags’ and urinated in sanitary bins.
Kelso High School.Kelso High School.
Kelso High School.

The allegations emerged yesterday when Galashiels and District councillor Harry Scott lodged a motion at a meeting of Scottish Borders Council calling for pupils and staff at the new Galashiels Community Camus and Peebles High School to be consulted over plans to install gender-neutral toilets at the facilities.

Mr Scott also cited ‘credible sources’ who claim girls at Kelso High School are refusing to use the unisex loos because of unease at sharing them with male pupils.

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Today a spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council said the head and management team at the Jedburgh school “has no knowledge of these alleged incidents taking place”.

That is also the case with the claim made in relation to Kelso High School.

Regarding the design of the gender-neutral toilets at Kelso High School, the spokesperson added: “The design intent of individual toilets is to give maximum flexibility in how the facilities are used and so in Kelso there is an excellent example of how the young people have agreed the operation of the building.

“Some cubicles are male only, some female only, some staff only and others are for anyone. Through working with the young people this can be adapted and changed very easily.”