Christmas trees shredding effort benefits Denholm Primary School

The dilemma of what to do with your Christmas tree post-festivities has been solved in Denholm.

Tuesday, 11th January 2022, 10:18 am
Chris Anthony and Gordon Campbell take a Christmas tree from Michelle Smith for a small donation to Denholm Primary School. (Photo: BILL McBURNIE)

Tree surgeon Chris Anthony recently acquired a tree chipper and decided to put it to good use for charity.

He set up on Denholm Green and shredded Christmas trees in return for a donation to the Friends of Denholm Primary School appeal.

Now the fundraising effort could become an annual event.

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Chris, who is based between Hawick and Bonchester, said: “I’m a local tree surgeon and do work in and around Denholm all the time and with the storm we had in December it led me to buy my own chipper.

"I was clearing storm damage and I came across some old trees and I thought ‘these have been here for a while’. Then I thought about Christmas trees and that it would be a useful thing if people could get rid of them after Christmas.

"It was not really worth doing it as a job but I was sure I could raise a bit of money for charity if people wanted their trees chipped and they came to the Green and got them chipped for a donation.

"I spoke to Gordie Campbell, who lives in the village and is on various committees, and asked him if he any suggestions for charities and he said the Friends of Denholm Primary School.

"So we put some messages on Facebook that we were going to chip some Christmas trees for donations. It’s better than the trees just being tucked away at the bottom of the garden and forgotten about or taking them to the tip.

"We ended up chipping about 20 trees and raised about £100. Some people put a tenner in and some a bit of change.”

Chris now believes the effort could become a yearly event.

He added: “People seemed to like the idea and so a bit more pushing next year might turn it into something people get used to. They don’t mind parting with a little money to get rid of their tree. It was doing them a favour and money was going to a good cause.

"Someone asked me if they could have the chippings for their chickens, some go to the farm and are used as bedding for animals. It gets recycled, one way or the other.

"The worst thing that happens is it goes to Hawick Recycling and gets turned to compost. We try and do something useful with it.”