BAFTA winner presents prizes to Peebles High School students

​It wasn’t quite the BAFTA Awards, but talented pupils from Peebles High School received their certificates and trophies from a former student who has won many.
S5 Molly Gray (Higher Spanish) and Neve Scott (Higher Drama).S5 Molly Gray (Higher Spanish) and Neve Scott (Higher Drama).
S5 Molly Gray (Higher Spanish) and Neve Scott (Higher Drama).

The guest speaker at the school’s annual prize-giving is no stranger to awards ceremonies. James Farrell, served as executive producer on HBO’s prequel to Game of Thrones and head of development at BBC Studios. He was names Broadcast magazine Hot Shot in 2014 and his shows have won at the BAFATAs, IFTAs and National Television Awards.

However, he started from humble beginnings as a pupil at Peebles High School, leaving in 2013 to start is phenomenal career in television.

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Opening the ceremony, Headteacher Campbell Wilson, said: “​It's always a highlight of our calendar to congregate in celebration of those young people who have achieved such prize-worthy successes in our community.

James presents a certificate to S1 pupil Owen Clotworthy.James presents a certificate to S1 pupil Owen Clotworthy.
James presents a certificate to S1 pupil Owen Clotworthy.

“Tonight we are here to celebrate what is best about our school – that is you - our indomitable, positive, resilient, brilliant, audacious, dedicated and crucially prize-winning young people.

“And when you read a headline about poor behaviour and societal atrophy and decay, I urge you to rebel and I implore you to respond by being your brilliant selves. To dedicate yourself to your learning, to set yourself audacious targets for your future and to hit them. I urge them to look at your fellow prize-winners, and when their achievements impress you feel pride that you are here with them on merit, knowing your presence of stage it just rewards for the talents you have and the hard work you have put in."

James started by congratulating all of the prize winners for making it though the “ academic Hunger Games”. He delivered many humorous words of wisdom for students which had the packed auditorium laughing. But, carefully tucked in between were the wisest words of advice.

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He said: “At school people often feel like they need to fit in, but success is more likely to come to those that stand out from the crowd. If anyone ever makes you feel that you’re not good enough, then they’re not good enough. You never know the impact your words can have on a person, so be kind to everyone.”

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