Market Prices


By The Newsroom
Saturday, 22nd February 2014, 10:40 am

At their weekly primestock sale last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 643 hoggs and 260 ewes.

Hogg numbers similar, all classes tentatively bid for showing a slight ease on the week, tail end lots arriving.

Leading prices per head:- Suff.x:- £92 Mindrum Farming Co, £88 Lamberton. Tex.x:- £90 Lorbottle, £87 Doune Brae, £85 Ladykirk and Yetlington Lane, £84 Hoppen Hall, £82.50 Yetlington Lane. Chev:- £84 South Charlton. Bel:- £82 Lorbottle. CM:- £82 South Charlton.

Leading prices per kilo:- Bel:- 210.3p Lorbottle, 205.1p, 200p Ladykirk. Tex.x:- 205.6p Yetlington Lane, 205.1p Mindrum Farming Co, 202.6p Lamberton, 201.3p Shotton. Suff.x:- 197.5p Mindrum Farming Co. Chev:- 197.3p Shotton.

Ewe numbers similar, with an increase in returns, hill bred ewes showing the most improvement on week.

Leading prices:- Tex.x:- £92.50, £80 Clarence House, £84 Barmoor Red House. Suff.x:- £83 Clarence House, £80 Branton Eastside. BFL:- £83 Branton Eastside, £80 Titlington Mount. HB:- £77, £75 Brandon. CHM:- £77 (2) South Charlton. Chev:- £75, £67.50, £64.50 South Charlton. Mule:- £69.50 Shawdon Woodhouse, £69 Barmoor Red House, £67 Shotton and Branton Eastside, £65 Ladykirk. BF:- £63.50 Linhope Farming (Hartside), £63 Branton Eastside.

Rams: Tex.x:- £93 Titlington Mount, £85 Clarence House. Suf:- £82 Titlington Mount.


At their weekly primestock sale on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 93 clean cattle, 39 OTM cattle, 1,669 old season lambs and 835 ewes.

Bullocks (35) averaged 217p per kg and sold to 249p (+8p on week), heifers (57) averaged 214.6p per kg and sold to 250p (-2p on week) and 39 beef type OTM cattle averaged 131p per kg and sold to 148p (-4p on the week). One young bull sold to 148p.

Old season SQQ lambs averaged 203.6p per kg (n/c on week) and sold to £108 and ewes averaged £57.56, and sold to £91 for ewes and tups. Heavy ewes £68.23, light ewes £51.64.

Principal prices per head: £1683.60; Holybush £1534.30; Bee Edge £1512.80; Grahamslaw £1508; Longnewton £1493.30; Thirlestane £1492.25.

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.50 Robert Wilson Butchers Edinburgh, 2.48(2) Malone of Edinburgh and M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.46 M/s Black and Sons Ltd, 2.38 Malone of Edinburgh; Lennoxlove 2.49 M/s JP Mason and Sons, 2.38 Malone of Edinburgh; Inland Pastures 2.44 M/s JP Mason and Sons; Traprain 2.41 Malone of Edinburgh; Humebyres 2.41 M/s Fitton Butchers; Caverton Mill 2.40 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd; Upper Nisbet 2.37 M/s JA Waters and Sons.

Cows per head: Thirlestane £1235.10, £1222.65; Ransfield £1203.50, £1190.70, £1177.50, £976.50; Stoneypath £1112; Grahamslaw £1105.05; Humebyres £108780; Priesthaugh £1081.50; Borthwickshiels £1032.75; Muircleugh £979.55; Mosstower £972.70; Marchcleugh £962.50, £962.

Cows per kg: Marchcleugh 1.85, 1.79, 1.75, 1.68, 1.59; Thirlestane 1.79, 1.43; Skelfhill 1.61; Ransfield 1.57, 1.55, 1.47, 1.45; Humebyres 1.47; Stoneypath 1.45, 1.43; Grahamslaw 1.39.

Bulls: Huntington £1418.75(1.25); Priesthaugh £1081.50(1.03).

Hoggs per head: Bel.x;- £108, £104.50, £103, £102 Clochnahill, Tex.x;- £102.50 Edrom Mains, £102 Headshaw. L, £100 The Lee, Suff.x;- £99, £98.50 Headshaw. L, £97.50 Edrom Mains, Suff £97.50 New Channelkirk, Chev;- £89.50, £89 Saughtree, £88 North Synton, BF;- £89.50 Williamhope, £85 Hartside, £83 Longcroft, HB;- £89, £88 Stobshiel Mains, Mule;- £87.50, £85 Toxside, £84 Longcroft.

Hoggs per kg: Bel;- 221.6 Wester Deans, 220 Clochnahill, 215.8 Lylestane, Tex;- £221.4 Eildon Mains, 221.1 Bedrule, 216.7 Halidean Mill, Chev;- 211.3 Kirklands, 208.1 Lylestane, 207 Saughtree, Suff.x;- 208.1 Threepwood, 207.7 Broomilees, 207.5 Bedrule, CM;- 205.3 Halidean Mill, 201.3 Lylestane, BF;- 203.8, 198.5 Longcroft .

Ewes: Tex;- £91 Wedderlie, £87 Holydean, £85 Shoestanes, Suff.x;- £80 Hermiston and Nisbethill, £76, £75 Headshaw. L, Bel;- £80 Wester Deans, Suff;- £77, £75 New Channelkirk, BFL;- £76 Hartside, £70 Upper Chatto, GF;- £71 Nisbethill, £70 Slegden and Howford Crossing, Lleyn;- £71 Ruchlaw Produce, £67 Dolphinston, HB;- £70 Bonjedward Mill, Chev;- £70 Shoestanes, CM;- £70 Maidenhall, BF;- £63 Stoneypath, £60 Hartside and Falside.

Rams: Tex;- £91 Bonjedward Mill, £85 Burnhouse Mains, Char;- £85 Burnhouse Mains, Bel;- £83 Burnhouse Mains, BFL;- £77, £72 Burnhouse Mains, Wen;- £77 Eckford House, Chev;- £75 Upper Chatto, Suff.x;- £73 Faughhill, Rye;- £70 Eckford House, Suff;- £69 Faughhill and Broomiebank, Rom;- £65 Towford, BF;- £60 Holylee, £59 Broomiebank.

border livestock

Last week Border Livestock Exchange sold 187 prime cattle including 43 cows and 1,461 prime sheep including 329 ewes.

The company also sold 148 store cattle and 249 store lambs.

For the third week prime cattle returns remain level with top prices going to B.J.C. Smalley and Co, West Kyloe, Berwick, at 395p per kg and £1,636 for their Angus steers.

Continental steers sold to 387p per kg for Scottish product and 375p per kg for British.

Limousin cross young bulls from Bowsden Moor, Berwick, sold to £1,718 per head for a 12 month old bull. Cull cows sold to £1,218 from Sandyknowes, St Boswells.

Hill cows from Hallrule, Hawick, sold to an impressive £1,022 per head.

Prime lambs continued to firm with export weights selling to 425p per kg for a Continental cross from Great Tosson, Rothbury and Humbleton, Wooler. Heavy weight Texel crosses sold to £110 from Middle Moor, Alnwick. Ewe trade perked up with a pen of Half-bred ewes from Whitehouse, Alnwick, selling at £85 each.

A marvellous pen of 24 strong Charolais store bullocks sold at £1,365 per head off our very active web-site and a pen of 17 Limousin bulling heifers sold at £1,325 from Upper Nisbet, Jedburgh.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 75 prime cattle, six young bulls, 22 over 30 month cattle, 4,537 prime hoggs and 4,738 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

A large show of 75 forward at the weekly sale of prime cattle saw a plain show sell to recent rates. Top price to 230.5p for a Limousin heifer shown by Messrs A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwellgreen, others to 223.5p (x2) also from Messrs Taylor and all being purchased by Border Meats Wholesale Butchers, Lockerbie.

OTM’s were a very mixed show of quality and saw the sale top at 177.5p for a British Blue sold by Messrs Rome, Shawhead.

Another excellent show of 4,537 prime hoggs (811 lightweights) were forward to the usual full ringside of buyers, best quality export weights dearer on the week with heavy hoggs also in stronger demand, more lightweight hoggs could have been sold to advantage. The overall sale average was 196.7p per kilo (SQQ 200.2p per kilo). Top was £117 per head for Texels from Muircleugh with a top per kilo of 277p from West Meiklethwaite.

A much larger show of 4,738 cast ewes and rams were forward to a fuller ring of purchasers. All classes of ewes again £2 to £3 sharper on the week. Plain ewes and hill ewes short of buyers requirements and far sharper on the week. Many more could have been sold to advantage. Tups yet again another £10 firmer on the week.