Council approves controversial slurry lagoon application

A retrospective application for a slurry lagoon near Greenlaw was unanimously approved by councillors on Monday.

Tuesday, 9th January 2018, 3:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th January 2018, 3:39 pm
The applicants say the lagoon will speed up slurry spreading.

Members of the council’s planning committee approved the pit, which is already in place at JB Renwick and Sons’ land at Greenlaw Mill Farm, despite the application attracting over a dozen objections.

Greenlaw and Hume Community Council opposed the plans while the community raised concerns over increased air pollution and odour from the lagoon, flood risks, the economic impact on the village and the retrospective nature of the application.

Addressing the committee David Mayer, who works at the farm, said: “This lagoon allows us to store slurry on site and spread it in a shorter amount of time - two days rather than two weeks - and that really helps reduce the smell.

“We can pump the slurry through pipes and inject it in to the ground rather than spreading it.”

The committee said slurry odours are commonplace and come “part in parcel” with rural life.

East Berwickshire councillor Jim Fullerton said: “There is a difficulty getting across to farmers that these things do require planning permission, but I think it’s a good idea and I fully support it.”

Kelso councillor Simon Mountford added: “This should reduce the frequency and perhaps intensity of the smells. That should enhance the lives of the people of Greenlaw, which can only be a good thing.”