Creativity in marking 20 Years of supporting people with cancer in the Scottish Borders

Pauline and Melissa.Pauline and Melissa.
Pauline and Melissa.
The Lavender Touch, a charity that supports people with cancer in the Scottish Borders, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a unique fundraising initiative that invites the local artistic community to be involved.

To commemorate the milestone, the charity is seeking contributions of artwork that can fit inside a CD case (115 mm x 120 mm) and will sell each donated piece for £25.

This amount covers the cost of providing a therapy session for a cancer patient or their carer, making each artwork a meaningful contribution to their well-being. There will be an exhibition to showcase the donated art in September 2024.

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Kirsty Dunlop, The Lavender Touch trustee, said: “We are thrilled to have a few Borders-based artists already involved with our initiative but would be delighted to see more of the region's creative community join us.”

This initiative celebrates the intersection of art and healing and ensures the continuity of the Charity's much-needed complementary services. Kirsty continued: “Art is a celebration in itself, so what better way to mark our 20th anniversary."

The creative sector is one of the largest within the Scottish Borders, with hundreds of artists across the region. Melissa Learmonth, one of the artists to have already signed up for the initiative, said: "I was only too happy to help The Lavender Touch with their fundraising; it's great to see local art being used to help local people during their cancer treatment."

Pauline Williams, the Charity's manager, invites local artists to contact her via email [email protected] if they want to donate a piece of work.