Tartan masks intended to keep Teries safe oot and safe in

A new face mask both declaring pride in Hawick and keeping people safe from coronavirus is proving popular both in the town and beyond.

Robin Deas wearing one of his Hawick tartan face masks.
Robin Deas wearing one of his Hawick tartan face masks.

Hawick Tartan Company only launched its distinctive masks, intended to keep their wearers and those they come into contact with safe oot and safe in, this week but they are already doing brisk business.

They’re hand-made in Hawick out of wool lined with cotton fabric and wired at the nose.

Hawick tartan owner Robin Deas says he has been taken aback by the popularity of the product, with orders already coming in from as far afield as Australia.

He said: “About three weeks ago, a friend of mine mentioned masks would be needed and asked had I considered producing some, and I thought why not because most of them are medical-looking masks and they look awful.

“I thought wouldn’t it be nice to make a nice mask which means something to the locality and that looks nice in company and in whatever you’re doing.

“I thought I’d have a crack at it, and I spoke to two ladies who are very good stitchers locally and they jumped at the chance in this lockdown period to do something in two different styles, a pleated one you see quite a lot of and one a more tailored version.

“Both are superb. The workmanship in both was wonderful, so I decided to make them both and see what happens.

“We are missing the common riding and so why not have something for the Hawick people and those abroad, something they could wear that is much better than walking around with a scarf or medical mask on, and it has proved very popular.

“I was wondering how on earth I was going to market this because I am in shutdown, so I went to my local chemist, TN Crosby in North Bridge Street in Hawick, and asked them if they could sell them from there and they were delighted to do so.

“I put in a quantity of them, the first 50 I made, and I think I’ve sold just about the lot and now I have to think about production going forward.”

The masks cost £15 each, with £5 off for children or students at Borders College or at Heriot-Watt University’s Galashiels campus.

If demand keeps up, the company plans to donate part of the proceeds to charity, but that has yet to be confirmed.

As well as at TN Crosby, they’re available online at www.thehawicktartancompany.com