Retailers launch green manifesto for 2016 election

The Scottish Retail Consortium is setting out a manifesto for the industry ahead of the 2016 Scottish election.

Retailers have set out eight key environmental priorities for each of the political parties, ranging from reform of business rates to supporting a harmonised local authority recycling collection scheme and making it easier to shift freight from road to rail.

The industry has also outlined its opposition to the suggested new nation-wide deposit return scheme, which it says would penalise the disadvantaged consumer, undermine existing kerbside recycling, increase carbon emissions and place significant costs on business.

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David Martin, head of policy and external affairs for the Scottish Retail Consortium, said: “The retail industry has a massive footprint and direct involvement in communities right across Scotland.

“With this comes a responsibility to operate in a sustainable way that ensures retailers can continue to serve those communities in the most efficient way possible.

“We hope that each of the political parties will consider and support in their manifestos each of the policy priorities we have outlined and which are crucial in supporting the retail industry to go even further in creating a better retailing climate.”

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