Plans go in for 11 industrial units at old Jedburgh mill site

Plans are being drawn up for two blocks of industrial units at the old Bongate Mill site in Jedburgh.

By Darin Hutson
Tuesday, 18th February 2020, 4:07 pm
The old Bongate mill site in Jedburgh near Malestroit Court.
The old Bongate mill site in Jedburgh near Malestroit Court.

Gilbert Developments, based in the town’s Galahill, is hoping to put up two steel-framed, single-storey buildings on the vacant 0.4-acre plot, south of Malestroit Court and alongside the River Jed.

If approved, one would be home to seven units measuring 10m by 5m and the other to four measuring 7.5m by 5m, all accessed by roller shutter doors.

A spokesperson for Berwick architect’s Hodgson and White, acting as agent for Gilbert Developments boss David Palmer, said: “Our client wants to develop the now-cleared industrial site where formerly the old Bongate Mill was located prior to its demolition a few years ago.

“The proposed scheme is for the erection of two industrial buildings housing a total of 11 units with varying floor areas to attract businesses with different requirements.

“The applicant has carried out research for the need of this type of building within the town and surrounding area, and there has been enough immediate interest before approval has been sought or any marketing instructed or carried out.”

Planning applications have been submitted in the past for housing developments at the riverside site but they have not come to anything.