Italian job at Lochcarron

A Smit weaving loom (Source: Smit Weaving)A Smit weaving loom (Source: Smit Weaving)
A Smit weaving loom (Source: Smit Weaving)
The world’s leading manufacturer of tartan is adopting Italian technology to improve production at its base in Selkirk.

Lochcarron of Scotland, renowned textile manufacturer and supplier, is proud to announce a significant investment in its production infrastructure with the acquisition of eight new Smit looms from Italy.

This strategic move aims to replace the obsolete Sulzer looms currently in use, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency and superior product quality.

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Recognised globally for its commitment to traditional craftsmanship and exceptional textiles, Lochcarron of Scotland remains dedicated to delivering products of the highest standards to its esteemed clientèle.

This investment in new technology represents commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the market.

By replacing the obsolete Sulzer looms, Lochcarron of Scotland anticipates increased productivity and a reduction in downtime.

The new looms offer advanced sensors and digital controls that provide real-time feedback, allowing for quick adjustments and minimizing production interruptions.

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This investment also aligns with Lochcarron of Scotland’s commitment to sustainability, as the Smit looms are designed to optimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Dawn Robson-Bell, managing director of Lochcarron of Scotland, expressed her enthusiasm for the company’s latest investment, saying: “The acquisition of the new Smit looms represents a significant milestone for Lochcarron of Scotland.

“By updating our technology, we are further strengthening our commitment to excellence quality and sustainability. These state-of-the-art looms will empower our skilled weavers to continue to create exceptional fabrics that are synonymous with our brand”.

The mill is undertaking staff training in-house with a fully certified Italian Smit trainer working in the mill over a period of six weeks.

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Founded in 1947, but through acquisition has a heritage that dates back to 1892, Lochcarron has been at the forefront of the Scottish textile industry with a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and quality, with a continual commitment to sustainable practices.

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