Hawick’s ‘candy lady’ in not-so-sweet signage wrangle

The corner shop sign.The corner shop sign.
The corner shop sign.
The ‘candy lady’ of Hawick is embroiled in a not-so-sweet signage wrangle with Scottish Borders Council.

Kat Yule has run Kat’s Corner Shop in Myreslaw Green for a number of years, selling a cornucopia of goodies for sweet-toothed people of all ages.

Just over two years ago she expanded to another larger premises in the town’s Gladstone Street, which now sells pick ‘n’ mix and ice creams.

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Last year she had installed at the rear of the building an advertising sign promoting the business.

Kat YuleKat Yule
Kat Yule

But Kat was issued with an enforcement order by SBC in September calling for its removal on the grounds it had not been subject to advertisement consent and because it had been fixed to a wall which did not have a shop window, as is required under planning law.

The popular shopkeeper says she was unaware that advertising consent was required.

Now she is appealing the decision to Scottish Government’s Planning Appeals Division on the grounds that there are in fact three windows at the shop premises.

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She has also lodged photographs of properties in Hawick which have advertising signs without having any windows.

Candy Woman KatCandy Woman Kat
Candy Woman Kat

Kat said: “Unfortunately for me I’ve got a disgruntled neighbour who will call anybody just to cause me trouble.

“The sign cost an absolute fortune and is there just to let people know that we are here and is encouraging people to come in, which I need, especially the way things are right now.

“I’m just really disappointed and disheartened because I got it done professionally and it would be a shame to have to remove it, just because of this person that doesn’t like me.

“We got the sign put up for the Common Riding so that folk could know where we are. It looks a lot nicer too because before there was just a scabby old board there.”