Government reporter says supermarket billboards would be 'incongurous' to surroundings in Hawick

Lidl in Hawick.Lidl in Hawick.
Lidl in Hawick.
A supermarket giant’s bid to install new billboards at its outlet in Hawick has been rejected.

Lidl UK had submitted a planning application to Scottish Borders Council for the signage at its store in Wilton Path.

But the bid was refused on the grounds it failed to comply with the authority’s Local Development Plan in that the scale and billboard design was “not in keeping with the character and visual amenity of the surrounding residential area where the sign would be visible from”.

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Lidl launched an appeal against the refusal to the government reporter, who has now endorsed the council’s original decision, concluding: “The introduction of billboard signage of the size proposed at this location would be incongruous with the

surrounding residential area, particularly given the discrete siting of commercial premises and lack of advertising in the vicinity.

"Approximately two thirds of the sign would extend above the level of Wilton Path to the north of the sign location. The proposal, given its size and siting, on the

embankment, would be a prominent feature in the streetscene, at odds

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with the surrounding context and would harm the amenity of the area as a


"The sign would not impede forward visibility to vehicles or impede

pedestrian movement.”

The reporter concluded that whilst the proposal would "not be

contrary to the interests of public safety, it would be detrimental to amenity”.