Galashiels pub could be put on the menu as a town restaurant if planning approval is agreed

A Galashiels pub is being earmarked for conversion into a new town restaurant and takeaway.

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 11:18 am
The Harrow Inn. (Photo: BILL McBURNIE)

An application has been submitted to Scottish Borders Council for the change of use of the Harrow Inn at 22 High Street.

The application from the company Okome also incorporates the installation of a carbon filter extraction system.

A spokesperson for the applicant’s agent, Glasgow-based Bennett Developments and Consulting, says: “The proposed development will see this vacant inn property converted into a restaurant with a takeaway facility. Access will continue to be via the existing front doors directly off the High Street and will open into the main restaurant area.

"Occupying a central position in the restaurant will be a bar/servery which will provide a waiting area for those waiting to be seated in the restaurant as well as those waiting for the takeaway service. There will also be toilet provision and an accessible toilet. Beyond this will be the kitchen, food preparation areas and stores. There will also be a dedicated reuse/waste storage facility.

“Internally, the existing central bar, while described in the description in the Listed Building Register as being in fine condition, is in fact in poor condition and given its scale it would be impossible to use the internal space for any other use were it to remain.

"Accordingly the proposal will remove this feature but retain all the other original features which appear to be in reasonable condition. We note that there is a local museum nearby and it may be that if it was felt that the original horseshoe bar was of local interest then possibly it could be dismantled and rebuilt within the museum.

“Given the proposed fare on offer and the fact that the property is a listed building and an attractive feature in the townscape, the idea of the standard extraction flue terminating one metres above the eaves was considered to be unacceptable as it would be visible. Instead the proposal will feature a low level carbon filter discharge system which will discharge onto the Sime Street elevation in a narrow gap between two of the single storey buildings. This will provide an efficient extraction system and be relatively invisible to the public.”

It is anticipated that the operating hours will be Sunday to Thursday 10am-11pm and Friday and Saturday 10am-midnight.